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Why Should You Participate:

  •  Learn about important environmental issues
  •  Gain hands-on experience in solving real-world problems
  •  Great for college and job applications
  •  Spend time with teammates and friends
  •  Possibly travel across the country to the North American Envirothon for a chance to win scholarships and prizes

Teams are Tested in 5 Areas


Professional soil scientists help students learn about soil structure, interpret maps, evaluate land forms and understand both agriculture and urban development


Students learn first hand from wildlife experts about animal populations, identification and the importance of habitat conservation.


With the help of professional foresters, students learn the basics of tree identification, forest structure and how to maintain healthy forest ecosystems.


Students work along with freshwater biologists to assess the quality of delicate aquatic ecosystems.  Students learn to identify aquatic organisms, manage watersheds and determine non-point source pollution.

Environmental Issues

Students are tested on a current environmental issue with an in-field test and oral presentation. Students present their solutions, to be judged, to a panel of professionals.

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